Vitamin Bounty Tune Your Keto Ketogenic Multivitamin + Electrolytes with Vitamin C, Magnesium, Collagen, Potassium, MCT, Daily Vitamins for Women…

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  • Ketogenic Multivitamin: Sometimes while on the keto diet, you aren’t getting all the minerals in your system that your body needs. Designed by low carb experts for people who are cutting carbs from their diet, Tune Your Keto is the perfect solution & will make you feel great.
  • Ketogenic multivitamin – Designed by low carb experts for people who are cutting carbs from their diet. The perfect solution & will make you feel great
  • Balance and Optimize Your Keto Diet: Support your keto diet specific vitamin and mineral needs to help keep you nutritionally balanced throughout the ketogenic diet.
  • Stabilizes Energy: Helps balance and maintain your energy level. These multivitamins are easy to swallow and are a great multivitamin to energize your daily keto lifestyle. Take 3 capsules once a day, preferably with a meal, to support your dietary needs.
  • Keto Blend: Formulated with a specialized keto blend (MCT, Magnesium, Potassium, and Collagen) to target specific diet pitfalls. An all-in-one keto vitamin to help balance and maintain your mineral and vitamin levels. It’s packed with Vitamin A, B12, C, D, E and more!

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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


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4.49 x 2.44 x 2.44 inches, 4.66 Ounces

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April 3, 2019


Vitamin Bounty

8 reviews for Vitamin Bounty Tune Your Keto Ketogenic Multivitamin + Electrolytes with Vitamin C, Magnesium, Collagen, Potassium, MCT, Daily Vitamins for Women…

  1. Angelina Valentin

    Do I feel like this helps me on my keto journey? Sure. I feel like it helps my energy levels and I will continue to use the product. HOWEVER. No one has mentioned the smell. I feel it is my duty as an American to warn you: as soon as you open the bottle, be prepared for a stench that I can only describe as a can of tuna that a cat urinated in that was then left to bake in the sun for 27 days. Also, after taking, pray to whatever God you pray to that you don’t burp for the next 90 minutes because it tastes like it smells and you will get to relive that. So there’s that. Other than that fabulous product.

  2. Rose

    Okay hear me out, I’m not sure if this stuff is really what’s making my weight fall off, but I think there may be something to this stuff. I’m on keto again, lost 70lbs back in 2018 by diet alone. But now getting back into it, I noticed a lot more energy after taking this each morning, hardly any cravings at all, and the initial water weight you lose getting back on keto is literally insane how quickly the number on the scale is going down. I’ve lost 15lbs of water weight this week alone! Sure I’m tracking, weighing my food out, the whole bit. So you do need to make an effort. I doubt eating whatever you want and popping these pills will do anything, but they definitely seem to be helping speed things up a bit. For the price, go for it. If it doesn’t work for you, take your L and move on 🤣

  3. Tammy Webster

    I never write reviews but I love this multivitamin so much I just had to put it out there for people who rely on reviews to order products. Vitamins typically give me terrible upset stomach but I can take these in an empty stomach and still be fine. It fo a give me some itchy face feeling within the first hour but it goes away quickly. It gives me energy and I struggle badly with having enough energy to get through my day, I’m going to try their other products and then I’ll review those as well.

  4. CH

    This multivitamin has everything you need as a supplement to your low carb or Keto lifestyle. I’ve been using this for nearly three years now.

  5. Jerry longhofer

    I liked them although my girlfriends said it made her feel jittery.

  6. Dani j

    Every day I took the vitamins, I’d have stomach pain and then diarrhea within an hr. Going back to a regular women’s vitamin

  7. Christine Holland

    I appreciate most that this product is an all-in-one. Electrolytes, Collagen, MTC, ACV, plus all the vitamins you would need in a once-daily supplement on a traditional diet.
    I despise apple cider vinegar and the smell is super stout but luckily there is no aftertaste or (tmi) nasty burps that taste like apple cider vinegar.
    Furthermore, these have prevented the muscle cramps and major headaches that came along with switching to a keto lifestyle. They also come with a whole month’s supply, unlike some other companies I’ve seen.
    This will for sure become a staple in my regimen!! I can’t wait to give their other products a try and see if they’re just as well formulated (:

  8. dimitrios giasimakis

    Could be a placebo but whatever helps.

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