Sports Research Vegan Vitamin D3 + K2 Supplement with Organic Coconut Oil – 5000iu Vitamin D with 100mcg Mk7 Vitamin K – Supports Calcium for…

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  • NEW SOFTGEL SHELL: Sports Research Vitamin D3+K2 Plantgel capsules now contain added Turmeric Root Powder in the outer softgel shell. This added plant-based yellow color helps protect the active ingredients inside against photo-degradation that may occur from exposure to UV light. While the appearance has changed, we can assure you that our Vitamin D3+K2 still contains the same great ingredients you know and love
  • BETTER TOGETHER: Known as the “sunshine vitamin,” Vitamin D3 helps maintain strong bones by helping you metabolize calcium and supports a healthy immune system. Added Vitamin K2 helps ensure that calcium gets deposited in your bones where it’s needed, and protects arteries from calcification. Vitamins D & K work better when taken together
  • VEGAN FORMULA: Our Vitamin D and K supplements are made with VegaDELight vegan D3, a patented plant based form of Vitamin D3 from lichen and MenaQ7, a patented form of Vitamin K2 from chickpeas. Our easy-to-swallow Vitamin D3 K2 PlantGel capsules are an easy way to add these two essential micronutrient vitamins to your diet
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: Our 100% plant based Vitamin D with Vitamin K supplement is certified vegan, non-GMO and free of soy, gluten, gelatin and carrageenan. We’re proud to offer products that are third party quality tested and manufactured in cGMP compliant facilities in the U.S. using only the best ingredients from domestic & international origins
  • THE SPORTS RESEARCH DIFFERENCE: Quality meets excellence at Sports Research. Since 1980, our family has been dedicated to providing the highest quality health and wellness products for yours. We promise a commitment to quality, achieved only through extensive research and proven ingredients. Sports Research supplements for women and men are carefully designed to be safe, effective, and of the finest quality. Feel the Sports Research difference for a happier, healthier you.

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13 reviews for Sports Research Vegan Vitamin D3 + K2 Supplement with Organic Coconut Oil – 5000iu Vitamin D with 100mcg Mk7 Vitamin K – Supports Calcium for…

  1. Donna M. Bonning

    I have recommended these for several years to all my family and friends. Even bought these for my office staff. Very important to remember, D3, absorbs calcium, and K2 moves the calcium to parts of the body so it won’t clog the arteries. This is huge! Taking D3/K2 will improve your teeth. I told a friend of mine who is an Oncologist that he needs to check everyone’s vitamin D levels. I told him there is a huge percentage of people with cancer who are deficient in vitamin D. He came back later and said he was checking everyone! Yay! Get your vitamin D checked so you know how much to take. Too many doctors underestimate the amount of vitamin D a person needs. Stay heathy!

  2. Diana L

    Very pleased with this vitamin D3.
    Vitamin D3 is good to take during the cold and flu season. Along with zinc and vitamin C it makes for a good combination.
    If you live in the north it’s likely you don’t get enough vitamin D.

  3. VancouverChic

    The recommended dosage on this is extremely low. Only 1 soft-gel? That is only 25 mcg. Considering that some in dropper form recommend a dosage of 1 mL (100 mcg). Other than that, the product seems to be good. I did not notice any oily residue on the soft-gels or inside the bottle. The bottle has a flip top cap that is easy to use. There is a little bit of an odor when the bottle is opened but it is nothing serious or to be concerned about.

  4. Joanne Lowery

    I have been taking D3 in high amounts, my specialist told me so since about 3 years. Yes I had more energy. But was out of D-3 and needed it the next day and went on Amazon. I was reading about it that it is in coconut oil suspension. I thought that is interesting. A lot more than what I normally spend, but went for it. This is the Holy Grail of D3. I thought I was getting a bang out of my old D3, well this is getting a bang out of this earth! The increased amount of energy is amazing. The digestion of it is perfect. I will not switch to another D3 ever again! I can only say if you really want high quality D3 with an excellent absorbing powers, buy this. Don’t even look at anything else. This is my 3rd bottle. I am so serious on this. This is what D3 is suppose to do. This company and it’s product is the best product out there. Thank-you

  5. Michelle

    I’ve been taking these for a year now. They’ve always been clear/white in color. They’re now orange. Looking at the ingredients there are some differences from the bottle before this one. Will ask my doctor about it & confirm everything is still fine to take. In the pictures, the one I’m holding (left) is the new bottle.

    EDIT:: Looking at the ingredients, they now use MCT Coconut Oil & added Turmeric. Hence the color change. Turmeric helps with absorption from what I’ve read

  6. Ina Maria Boyd

    I used to love this so much when the gel tablets were white. Never upset my stomach. I took the new formula thinking the just changed the color, and I figured it out because it tears my stomach up.. why mess with something that was soo good? I’ll never buy again until it is back to the old formula

  7. Cheapo

    I have recently started taking these due to getting in a lull/funk during the winter time. This is often caused by a low Vitamin D count. I also work indoors, so that didn’t help as well. I didn’t choose these specifically for the Vitamin D, I chose these because my wife was already taking it for years (just joining the party).

    Within a few days, I already noticed a difference in my mood, and I’m sure the other benefits were helpful as well, but I haven’t associated anything just yet (only been about a week).

    HOWEVER, we had stocked up on pills, so recently I opened a new bottle and began using that. My wife was using a different bottle. Yesterday morning, she opened my bottle to take one, and it’s as though time stopped. She immediately stated “This batch is bad, you need to send these back”. I thought “Oh no, what could be happening to me” (since I’ve been taking them for 6 days). I opened the 2nd bottle (of 120) and saw they were also orange.

    Long story short, I began comparing the ingredients. One of the most notable changes (not the only) is the addition of Turmeric. As soon as I stated that, my wife responds “Oh, that probably explains the color change”.

    Now, my problem is not with the fact that the pills changed from white to orange, my problem (and reason for taking a star) is due to the lack of messaging from the manufacturer on the change. As another reviewer mentioned, if you have issues taking Turmeric, this is not the product for you. But the company made the change without transparency to the customer. This is a foul on the company.

    I get the reasons to make changes to formulas of products being created (cost, supply chain issues, shelf-life, etc), but I just don’t know why the company didn’t come out and state it plainly.

  8. Bruiser

    Since these things are coded with a coconut oil which is like an MCT oil. And Since vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin I did find the absorption and reuptake was a little bit better compared to vitamins not coded with this. Great for winter and if you’re not getting enough sun. I definitely feel the effects, quite positively. Highly recommend it and I will definitely be buying more in the future

  9. Anna L.

    I’ve had to supplement with D3 for the last few years as I was very deficient. Unless you have a special blood test (and pay for it) there’s no way of knowing you need extra Vit D which is a much needed vitamin for many functions. I supplement with 3,000 IU daily as prescribed by my doctor (it was 4,000 IU a day until my levels came up) and I highly recommend everyone take at least 1,000 IU daily. Love the fact this comes in a coconut oil base so it’s better absorbed. Will definitely buy again.

  10. Donna M. Bonning


    I contacted SportsResearch directly and after expressing my concerns about the different colors of the pills…they explained why the change…and told me they would be happy to refund my money if I so chose to do. Which I did. I appreciate thier prompt reply. I’m going to change my rating to a 4 star because of this. I just don’t want to take these brown pills. Personal choice.

    I purchased two new bottles of this product, one to share with my daughter. She complained that they bothered her stomach and didn’t want to take any more. I was still on my first bottle. The first bottle contained milky white capsules. I ran out and opened the new bottle. Much to my surprise I see that they are brown and look old, and have a funny smell. I called my daughter and asked her what hers looked like. The same. Nasty. Is this why she had a hard time taking them? Why they bothered her stomach? I feel bad encouraging her to take them. She trusted my advice. Now I’d like a refund and can’t get one!! So, the bottle says Satisfaction Gauranteed for full refund minus shipping. Just go to their website. Turns out you have to buy from their website. These are expensive vitamins. I’m going to try and contact Amazon and complain. This isn’t right. I’ll update if I am successful.


    I’ve taken these for over a year and they work for me. They are easy to swallow, have no bad taste, and I subscribe to having them delivered now.
    I give one to my 12-year-old Labrador now as she ages and has vertigo attacks. I’m hoping they help her as well. I have developed vertigo as well and understand that vitamin D deficiency can be part of the cause of vertigo. I give her a low dose as the vet recommended.

  12. Ina Maria Boyd

    This is a great vitamin D capsule. In reading the product info they make it clear the capsules have been updated to include turmeric for UV light protective reasons. This would make them look more orange and different than before when they were white. I expect they will work the same. I’ve had improvements in my blood work since taking these over the years.

  13. Sandra

    Quick note – this comes up as a search for vegan vitamin D.
    I missed the gelatin ingredient and did not realize until I received.
    This product is NOT vegan

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