Real Ketones Orange Blast – Exogenous Keto D BHB + MCT + Electrolytes, Drink Mix Powder, 30 Packets, for Rapid Ketosis

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  • PRODUCE YOUR OWN KETONES NATURALLY WITH BHB+ MCT: Patented D-BHB Exogenous Ketones Supplement Powder and Pure C8 MCT oil powder boost ketone levels and fuel your body with a dose of healthy fat.
  • LOADED WITH KETO ELECTROLYTES: 4 balanced electrolytes calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium keep your body hydrated and help avoid the dreaded keto flu.
  • GREAT TASTE AND QUALITY: Caffeine Free, Non-GMO, Gluten free, Soy Free, Dairy Free, Vegan and Paleo Friendly, no sugar, no fillers or chemicals.
  • REAL KETONES APP INCLUDED WITH PURCHASE: Track your food intake, exercise and get help with fitness, nutrition, live chat support. Available for iOS and Android devices.
  • MAXIMIZE YOUR RESULTS: For best results we recommend Real Ketones to be used as a part of a well-balanced calorie restricted ketogenic diet and exercise routine. For men and women

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September 16, 2020


Real Ketones

13 reviews for Real Ketones Orange Blast – Exogenous Keto D BHB + MCT + Electrolytes, Drink Mix Powder, 30 Packets, for Rapid Ketosis

  1. Gigi

    UPDATE 11/22/21: Day 2. I wasn’t going to update until after i had been on this for at least a week but…I decided to add a bit more powder to my water than yesterday. Not a great idea. Started having some of those gastrointestinal issues some of the others noted. Also a slight headache. I’m going to try and finish today’s packet but there is no way I’ll do it tomorrow. Having lunch with a friend. 😁.

    I decided to read all of the negative comments first regarding this Keto product then I read all of the positive ones. I find if you read both sides you can make a decision based on what’s best for you. Many of the negative comments stated that the taste was really bad or it caused a great deal of gastrointestinal issues. I decided to use only half the packet in the morning in ice water and the other half later that afternoon. I found the taste to be very pleasant and had only hint of tummy issues that went away with the second half of the packet. It mixed well with no issues. I didn’t notice that I had an abundance of energy or decrease appetite as some of the positive reviews started. Maybe with continued use it might happen. I do agree with some that said it would be good if they made boxes with a variety.
    I will update in about a week on ketones and if I’m losing weight. The one thing I did find unfortunate was there was no feedback from the company on the negatives. Kind of felt like they didn’t really care.

  2. clarinet addict

    Claims on package have no links to easily verify, and when contacted company seems uncertain too.
    Warns about potassium levels…but label shows no potassium.
    Said “orange burst” flavour….barely orange coloured…and not orange flavour…just sickly sweet chemical “fruity” taste.
    Wish I knew essential nutrient content…couldnt find it.No mention of carbs or calories I could find…I guess just calling it keto to grab some profit is enough for them.

    That said….when i drink it watered down (too avoid sickly sweet taste) my body seems to like it…could be placebo effect but mental clarity seems better….zero weight loss.
    Wasnt in ketosis when I started, not in ketosis now.
    Bottom line? Ultra low carb, all natural diet and fasting, intermittent or otherwise, works VERY well and costs nothing.

  3. Mindy Plumbeck

    So I been playing with Keto on and off for the last couple years and I can’t get right LOL I been looking at this type of stuff for a while and Lord knows I cannot really afford it. HOWEVER, I am on Day 3 and here’s what I’ve learned. I took 2 the first day one in the morning one in the after noon and felt great all day. The stuff takes great to me, like I really like it, but I like orange dreamsicles. Anywho I kept testing myself for keytones all day and was in ketosis. The second day I didn’t take but one in the morning and I wasn’t hungry didn’t snack just ate my protein like usual, actually ate a lot less than normal. The third day I woke up feeling great tested myself and I’m in ketosis so I’m not going to take another one until I either test not in ketosis or cheat. Overall yes it’s a little pricey but I feel like if I use it right I won’t have to purchase too much. I feel great though and achieved ketosis much easier than I normally would. I bought these to lose a few pounds for vacation in a couple weeks. I will update if I’ve done that but I definitely feel my stomach going down a little already with all the water I been drinking. I also use LMNT salts for my water and it helps me drink more because I am not a great water drinker.

  4. Kristen

    Tastes just like one. Not sure if it will help with weight loss but adds something different to drink.

  5. Mel

    Amazing product, came fast and packaged well, but this item is way overpriced.

  6. Wendy Greiner

    I started this product because it was cheaper than the other ketones on the market. I was also desperate to try anything to help my agonizing depression and anxiety that has worsened over past year. The weight loss was a plus for me. But as soon as I took the first packet I have been normal again! Anxiety and depression so much improved. Obsessive mind running, gone. It has essentially saved my life. I did some research and glutamate In the body converts to GABA and the ketones help increase the GABA in the brain which is the excitability center of the brain and Prime D has vitamin b6 which is needed to absorb the glutamate. It has been a miracle for me and the weight loss has been a bonus. I was miserable prior to starting this supplement and was concerned about my future here on earth, but this product has literally saved my life. I drink 1 per day and it sustains my well being nicely. I will be using this product for the rest of my life.

  7. Amazon Customer

    Haven’t seen a difference and by my strips have not come into ketosis

  8. Nice Kitty

    Ive been using their products for a long time and i think they really helped my weight loss on keto. However they keep changing how they package things.
    At some point they went to straws and then had two formulas, weight loss or lean for life. This isnt super obvious on the label, although i didnt look because it just never occured to me that it wasnt weight loss. then one day i did and found that most of my supply was Lean for Life when I wanted Weight Loss. it also no longer says it gets you in ketosis in 2 hours. Next time I break keto…which is really rare, I’ll check that claim. It used to work, and I know it works on a competitor I dont like as well in terms of flavor.

    Just look to make sure you are getting the right version. Otherwise, it helped me in the past and i will amend to it if it stops helping.

  9. Lucky10

    Taste good and no sugar

  10. Amazon Customer

    I tested this with my ketosis strips, no ketones whatsoever. I asked for my money back. Getting a refund.

  11. Amazon Customer

    These work as well as the more expensive ones, same BHB as others.

  12. Nicole

    Good taste but no change in ketones

  13. Tina

    I love that it puts you into Ketosis right away. Also this product is much cheaper than other Ketone products, which is a good thing for me. My pocketbook is not going to spend over $100 for other name brands, when this product gives you the same affect. Be careful if you’re a beginner, maybe try 1/3 of the packet in a full water bottle, then bump it up to 1/2 and slowly make your way up to a full one; otherwise, you might be spending your day in the toilet. I do love the product, and I love Orange flavored anything, but this Orange flavor is not a great flavor for me. I’ve tried the Grape and that flavor is pretty good, I’ll buy grape flavor again. I also don’t mind the chocolate, and I put half a packet of the chocolate in my morning coffee. So yes, I say give it a try, try a few flavors and you’ll be happy with this product getting you into ketosis quickly.

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