Phenelite Fat Burner for Women – Weight Loss & Diet Pills for Reducing Belly Fat – Supplement Made of Raspberry Ketones & Premier Plant Extracts -…

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  • NATURAL FAT BURN: Our pills will help you safely burn fat and lose weight in as little as 4 to 6 weeks
  • BOOSTS METABOLISM: Our scientifically created thermogenic fat burning formula boosts your metabolism
  • SUPPRESSES APPETITE: PhenELITE will help men or women control their appetite by minimizing cravings
  • ENHANCES ENERGY: With natural ingredients like acai, PhenELITE is an energy and concentration booster
  • 100% GUARANTEE: Made in a GMP & FDA certified lab, our capsules come with a 30 day guarantee

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5 reviews for Phenelite Fat Burner for Women – Weight Loss & Diet Pills for Reducing Belly Fat – Supplement Made of Raspberry Ketones & Premier Plant Extracts -…

  1. Madeleyne Rodriguez

    Es la primera vez que las tomo, no estoy segura si las volveré a comprar porque el efecto no se evidencia de manera inmediata

  2. Jaime G.

    I was on the for-real phentermine for 3 months and it was wonderful. I’ve been looking for something similar. This medication definitely helps me wake up, but doesn’t curb my appetite. Good if you just want a caffeine pill.

  3. Amazon Customer

    The pill was easy to swallow and I had no issues with taste. I take 1 before breakfast and 1 before lunch with 8 oz water. I still feel hungry at my normal times, but I only eat about half as much before feeling full. I have also stopped drinking all soda due to the caffeine content of the pills. Overall, it’s not as effective as I would have hoped, but it’s made me more aware of my food and soda intake.

  4. mnk118

    I’ve tried so many fat burner and diet supplements. Some I had success with, however most of the time after I used it for a while, it just stopped working. I was SO sceptic with this product because I wasn’t sure if the reviews are accurate and verified purchases or not since there are many that rates for the sake of a free bottle without even purchasing them. I read the critical reviews and finally gave it a chance. So, this is a verified purchase review, I did spend money on my first bottle. First thing that concerns me though, I read on one of the questions that someone asked what color is the pill and there are 3 different answers which was white, tan, clear capsule with white cream color. The one I received was clear capsule with creamy sand color inside it.
    I’ve been using it for only a couple of weeks. I never weigh myself (the last time I weigh myself was 6 years ago and it was 128lbs and every time I go to the doctor, I asked the nurse not to tell me my numbers) because I tend to get fooled by the numbers and ignore everything else. My way of measuring myself is through my jeans, if my jeans is getting a little tight, then it’s time to shed some pounds, and I’ve been using size 25 or 26 jeans (depending on the jeans’ material) from the same brand for the past 6 years (I don’t really like switching brands because they tend to have different measurements and fitting). Since I barely wore any jeans this winter and wore leggings and tights religiously, I lost track of my weight a little bit. I have a habit of exercising 1.5 hours a day 4-5 times a week and walk 3 miles everyday, I think I’m a healthy eater with balanced portions and 1-2 days a week where I would “cheat” in small portions. I also drink A LOT of water, I drink like 6-7 liters a day (REALLY. I always have at least 1 liter bottle of water in my purse.) I’ve been taking Phenelite twice a day, 30 minutes before lunch and early dinner, the latest I’d eat dinner is at 7pm and that won’t be a heavy meal.
    So far, Phenelite helped (seems like it) me fit into my jeans after a couple of weeks using it. Usually it takes me about 1.5-2 months to get back on track, but this time that’s not fast enough because wedding season is coming up in a month and I need to lose it faster that usual. I’m not sure if this will work without a balanced diet and exercise, I read some of the reviews where people said that they’ve lost several pounds without dieting and/or exercising. Now, since I’ve tried it and have positive take on it, I would like to claim my free bottle in an exchange for a review, which is awesome the fact that it works and I don’t have to pay for it again for another bottle. Also, this isn’t for continuous use, that’s why I think a healthy and balanced diet is important, because people tend to bounce back to their previous weight and size once they stopped taking weight management supplements. Once you’ve reached your weight/body goal, try to maintain it with healthy diet instead of taking this pill continuously.

  5. Martelle

    I just started taking this supplement so I am not able to indicate how it will work in the long term. I do hope my initial impressions will be helpful to anyone considering this product.

    1. I tend to be highly sensitive to natural supplements and to medications in general. As an example, I have a very hard time with green coffee and I had to stop taking it as it was causing hot flashes (I am not menopausal) and other adrenal issues. So the fact that this has green tea as opposed to coffee is a benefit to me.
    2. I would recommend starting with one pill at a time – the daily dosage is indicated as two pills – take one before breakfast and one before lunch. While there is often much disagreement in the weight loss realm, there seems to be agreement that consuming most of your calories earlier in the day is beneficial – thus taking PhenELITE with your first two meals of the day is in keeping with this recommendation. Further, if you are sensitive to caffeine and green tea (as I am), earlier dosing should not interfere with sleep.
    3. I did experience slight nausea and a bit of a floatly, disconnected feeling at first. Taking only one pill made it manageable and for me, as I became acclimated to PhenELITE, these went away.
    4. Do not take PhenElite and then not eat – the product indicates to eat 30 minutes after taking – do this or you else you will be more susceptible to side-effects.
    5. I have found PhenELITE to curb hunger and lesson cravings…I have a sweet tooth and I do crave sugar – my hunger and my cravings are very manageable when taking PhenELITE.
    6. I have had to manage my weight my whole life and I started taking this supplement because I need to lose about 10 pounds – I am finding this to be beneficial in helping me achieve this goal. This said, no pill can magically make weight disappear – I gained my most recent 10 pounds because I got sloppy with my exercise routine and my eating – you will have the most results and find PhenELITE to be the most effective if you incorporate exercise (just start walking – you do not have to go nuts) and make smart food choices – eliminate artificial sweeteners, diet and regular soda, and refined sugar and carbohydrates – it it says reduced fat on the label, run like the plaque. Eat natural, unrefined foods and make your own treats and develop a love for good dark chocolate. If you are looking for a great natural sugar substitute, try Whey Low – it has changed my life literally.

    I wish you good luck and success on your journey to health.

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