Original Provitalize | Natural Menopause Probiotics for Weight Gain, Hot Flashes, Night Sweats, Low Energy, Mood Swings, Gut Health. Unique…

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May 26, 2020


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8 reviews for Original Provitalize | Natural Menopause Probiotics for Weight Gain, Hot Flashes, Night Sweats, Low Energy, Mood Swings, Gut Health. Unique…

  1. Suhana Ahmed

    Found it as a very good supplement for Pre menopausal symptoms. My hot flushes became almost to zero within started to take it after 10 days but Unfortunately the hot flashes came back though in a much lesser way after one and half month again. It also helped me keeping my weight stable with moderate food intake and walking.

  2. Amy

    I don’t think that I realized that I had a problem with bloating until I took this. I was just diagnosis as premenopausal and figured I’ll take this to see what happens. Wasn’t looking for weight loss or appetite suppressant. I noticed that since I started taking this my gut does feel better. I feel less bloated and tight. And my energy levels are up. My bowels has changed a little bit I was already regular. I have been taking it less then a month and I am happy with the changes I feel within myself. I will purchase another bottle.

  3. JBuff

    At first I really loved this and it did help with going to the bathroom regularly and thinning me around the waist: by day 2!
    I did experience a lot of intestinal cramping as well as extra uterus cramping… then came the body aches and breast tenderness By the end of the third week, the slimming down the middle was not worth the new aches and pains I had while the night sweats even came back with day sweating. I decided to stop this because I literally felt like I needed to see a doctor— something was attacking me.
    I switched to another probiotic that doesn’t work quite as well as far as keeping me regular however, the aches are going away. I will say I tried a third probiotic that also made me ache. I think I have it nailed down to the B Breve that has caused me problems. I know I sound crazy, but that’s the only difference between the one that doesn’t bother me vs the two that do bother me.
    Update, I did read that the aches could be due to the toxins released from the good bacteria killing whatever there was so maybe this was doing me a favor. (Btw if you tell a doctor you think your probiotic is causing you aches they will think you are crazy… even when you absolutely know that’s the culprit.) I decided to retry this and get thru it. I started up again and just took some Advil for the aches and pains and so far I’m fine. A couple days later I don’t need Advil. If that changes I will start Advil again or try cutting back to one capsule or something. It does help with the slimming down so other than some of the aches I feel younger as far as my figure goes.
    While I do really like this, I do have concerns that all of us that are taking this are bandaiding something. Sure the probiotic ingredients are beneficial but why is it that middle aged women get so bloated and carry fat around their waist. There has to be something else we are doing wrong… or perhaps this is just another thing we have unrealistic expectations about when we age.
    Good luck to anyone who wants to try these.

  4. Mary muhlbach

    I wish the capsules were smaller, but it’s better than taking a hard pill that is made with gluten. I got some relief from hot flashes and my weight stabilized in 2 months, then I started to lose weight- slowly. I decreased the amount of sweets I was eating.

  5. Mom of Just Boys

    I took this product for about 3 months then decided to switch to a less expensive product. Within in about a week or 2 I noticed I felt bloated again. I won’t be going off this again! I didn’t lose any weight. But felt better, and my stomach was noticeably smaller. Definitely worth the price. I have mine setup for subscribe and save so it comes faithfully every month.

  6. Tracy Hawke

    Update: while this did not work for me and i broke out from it i contacted the seller and they were quick to respond. I updated to 4 stars for their prompt response.
    I was very hopeful with this helping with menopausal bloating, irregularity and joint pain. I read reviews and they all seemed promising so as soon as i received the package i started them. Day 2 i took them in the morning and by evening my arms were breaking out in a rash and itching awfully i didnt think it could be these because they basically have just herb. Woke up day 3 and took them again and by mid morning the rash on my arms was worse and actually welting. I have not changed anything besides started taking these so it has to be something in them but what i am not sure. I am stopping these and hope the rash goes away quickly. I would rather be bloated then to have this constant itch that nothing helps. Very disappointed.

  7. Melissa Guerra Banales

    I gained weight after being on Lyrica for a year. it was devastating, as i had been about the same weight and size for years and my eating habits hadn’t changed. i got off Lyrica and tried several other weight loss pills. nothing seemed to be really giving results. I have fibromyalgia, systematic lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis for about 17 years and have been in pre menopause for a few years. So vitolize seemed to offer all the marks I needed. I’ve been on it for 2 months so far. I can say honestly, i noticed an increase in energy the first week. i usually get pretty worn out quickly but these pills have helped immensely with my energy level.
    I love how i don’t feel jittery or crazy like other weight loss pills made me feel. I don’t seem to be as achey either. i am on prescribed pain pills, but noticed whatever the pain my pills miss, this covers. Weight loss wasn’t instant, but i did notice my stomach, which had turned into my problem area with recent weight gain, was definitely less bloated and changing, shrinking. I poop way more regularly too. I haven’t weighed myself since ive been on these, I’m trying not to obsess with numbers and focus more on how i feel, but all the pants that were either tight or not fitting, now fit comfortably. There were some clothes i couldn’t even get up my legs before and now they fit. I definitely notice body parts seen smaller, such as stomach, thighs and arms. One other thing i love is only having to take 2 in the morning instead of how other brands are more than once a day which i would always forget. and they dont smell!
    My only complaint is the price. it’s pricey. I’m getting ready to order my 3rd bottle to continue this journey and I’m on a fixed income so $50 a bottle is a lot for me
    UPDATE: I’m on my 4th month and i can definitely say I’ve lost inches all over my body. i feel way better, more comfortable and less sluggish. i think the trick is to stick with it. usually i would never stay this dedicated to something if i wasn’t seeing results right away. but since i did notice a change in my energy level pretty quickly, i kept with it and then really started to see the results by the 3rd month.

  8. Skapoor

    Been taking it for months, while consuming a healthy diet with regular exercise. Did nothing to help with menopause related weight gain.

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