Nootropics Brain Support Supplement – Mental Focus Nootropic Memory Supplement for Brain Health with Energy and Focus Vitamins DMAE Bacopa and…

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  • Brain supplement for memory and focus – Our enhanced nootropic supplement contains some of the finest brain vitamins minerals and herbs including Inositol Bilberry Huperzine A DHA Magnesium and more
  • Memory pills for brain support – Our brain health supplement is a fast and easy way to enhance performance using our unique nootropic cognition formula with a variety of vitamins for brain health
  • Mental focus supplement – Try memory vitamins brain for women and men and improve attention with our nootropic supplement formulated with magnesium vitamin E vitamin A vitamin B6 Niacin and GABA
  • Brain fog supplements – Our comprehensive brain booster supplement includes Bacopa monnieri Licorice root Magnesium and Chromium picolinate to naturally support cognitive clarity and performance
  • Natures Craft Quality – We use the best ingredients in our focus supplement formulated in American GMPc facilities and 3rd party tested for potency we always have your needs in mind

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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


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4.09 x 1.81 x 1.77 inches, 5.93 Ounces

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August 2, 2016


Huntington Labs

8 reviews for Nootropics Brain Support Supplement – Mental Focus Nootropic Memory Supplement for Brain Health with Energy and Focus Vitamins DMAE Bacopa and…

  1. inspectorrick

    I didn’t buy this with great expectations but the much needed minerals with the correct vitamins turn the lights back on. As we age we don’t get what we need from our bodies but after a week of Neuro I no longer walk in a room and stare trying to remember what I came for. I don’t have to wait for it to come back to me and I can leave the grocery list at home again and remember every item. It’s been years since I’ve done that. Plus I’m le a ring a new language in my spare time. Try it@

  2. jenn hermann

    I purchased Neuro Health because I was suffering from a major lack of energy in the day, motivation to complete daily tasks and focus, or even start, work projects. I started taking these every morning and started feeling noticeable results within the first couple of days and it’s continues to improves with time. There are no jitters, sweats or other caffeine or energy pill like side effects. I have the ability to complete normal and multiple daily tasks now and feel like I can function much more normally now. (I have inattentive ADHD and am trying alternatives to adderall and the like for so long as possible.) I plan to continue use of Neuro Health and highly recommend it. The longer you use it, the better the results as I believe over time it continues to improve your cognitive health. Great product.

  3. UpperGirl

    When trying any type of memory supplement we seem to want instant memory cells to begin functioning. I have found after trying several (at least 3 or 4) the key is to be consistent for several months (my body works with about 3 months) before trying a new product. I begin to notice a difference about that time, little memory cells start to appear, like remembering what I go into another room to get something, or getting to my car and actually remembering my phone. If that doesn’t happen I wait about another month before I try anything new. For me it probably takes that month to clear by system from the previous supplement.
    I’m in my third month with Neuro Health and I’m beginning to notice that difference. When new introductions come I’ve noticed I have to pause a moment before my memory’s recall comes into play, and honestly it doesn’t do this every time but frequently enough to notice it. The going into another room to get something is definitely working. Another note, is to have your life organized and free up as much stress as you can, etc., anything that helps to declutter your brain. My advice is to stay with the product for three months, but again everyone’s body is different.

  4. klindner

    This product really does seem to work. I’ve noticed a positive difference with being able to remember words, improved focus, etc. (we’re mid-70s) more than my husband who has always had an excellent memory, but he keeps taking them too. For me it wasn’t an instant, overnight thing, but gradual which I would expect when using vitamins and natural ingredients (v artificial stimulants.) Thinking back, I prob. noticed a subtle difference by the end of first week and that has incrementally increased as we kept taking them. I feel like my brain is getting some nutrients which it’s been lacking. Which is why I like it enough to repurchase – we’re on our 3rd bottle now & we’re grateful for the reasonable pricing compared to other products.

  5. Debbie Sherrill

    I started using this product some time ago and I can tell that it has helped with my clarity and memory. I’m 64 and noticed that I was already starting to have memory issues, but this product really seems to be helping.

  6. Barbara

    I believe it works well. I have a long work commute and many times don’t get enough sleep so I wonder if that plays a part in my memory abilities. I wanted to take this as I’m getting older but recently started a new job and wanted to make sure I don’t forget things etc., in my job. I seem to be doing ok, it doesn’t make me lose sleep and I’m not forgetting where I put things so I guess it’s ok. My memory wasn’t horribly bad before I started taking the product so it’s hard to tell. Pills are large but they are capsules so they do slide easily. I’m just wondering if I stop taking the pills will my memory go the opposite direction and everything go downhill? I will keep taking them for a while!

  7. patrick teague

    I have ADHD pretty bad. I have trouble focusing and keeping a straight conversation without distractions and remembering things. I get stressed easily and ALOT of other things. The reviews were good with this product so I figured I’d try it. Over the past week I have noticed a huge improvement in every thing. No brain fog. I’m able to hold conversations and I can focus alot better. I would definitely recommend to try if you have a form of ADHD and want to try. The capsules are very big and can be difficult to swallow but you can open them and take them if needed. It does have a bad taste but that could just be the capsule. I’ve never taken ADHD medicine so I’m not sure how much it differs but I can say people notice a difference in me and it’s not just me. I don’t usually review products but this one has been a real life changer for me. I even remember when someone else forgets what they were talking about.

  8. B

    I liked the quality of the ingredients. They are like a standard size supplement. I use a teaspoon of coconut oil to help me swallow pill, only because I have difficulty swallowing pills. I take it with breakfast. It helps me to be more alert. I only take one pull at this time. It also helps with pre-diabetes and blood sugar problems.

    The packaging was great! The bottle was in perfect condition. I like the fact that the bottle is dark and the label is white. Also, you can clearly read the name and all the ingredients, which is very important.

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