Nature’s Trove L-Theanine 200mg 120 Vegetarian Capsules

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  • L-Theanine 200mg may promote relaxation without drowsiness. Also may restores a sense of calm.
  • Found naturally in green tea
  • Good Health from the Source!
  • Made in a GMP NSF Certified Facility – Kosher Certified
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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


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3.74 x 2.05 x 2.01 inches, 2.08 Ounces

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March 15, 2016


Nature's Trove

13 reviews for Nature’s Trove L-Theanine 200mg 120 Vegetarian Capsules

  1. Brunela Campi

    I’ve purchased this after Taylor Swift’s article for Elle US mentioned this being helpful with anxiety. In addition to being a fairly anxious person I battle some levels of impatience and can be quite rude without meaning to. Not entirely sure if it was the product itself or just the fact that the sun is now shining again in London, but I’ve been feeling more calm and relaxed since I started taking it. I will keep using the product and will recommend it to friends.

  2. Cami

    I’m on my second container. My antidepressants stopped making me sleepy at night but l-theanine has helped. Since I started taking 400mg in the evenings I have slept very well. Even when I wasn’t sleepy I would go to bed and fall a sleep very quickly without stressing and overthinking. I’m also taking 200mg in the morning and another 200mg if I’m taking a guarana tablet or end up drinking way too much coffee and that has completely eliminated all the side effects of coffeine.

  3. Alice

    So far I’ve been taking one a day in the morning, I feel as though my panic attacks have improved but unsure as to whether it’s just placebo effect? I do still get anxious about things though. I just read that L-theanine was good for anxiety/panic and wanted to try this instead of beta blockers as I’d rather try a herbal remedy first than medicines.

  4. PC Growler

    I keep these on hand for anxiety issues. I hardly take them anymore, but 3 years ago after suffering an anxiety attack that slowly debilitated me & the only thing on offer were pharmaceutical drugs including Sertraline with the most horrific side effects, one of which I read, “It made me feel like I wanted to die, but the doc told me to stick with it!”
    Like all the stuff the doctor gives me, it went in the bin.
    I thought I’d do some research & stumbled on L Theanine
    I had got to the point that going out on my bike would only take me 100 yards or so before I’d feel that panicky anxious feeling, agoraphobia & I’d have to turn back.
    After taking L Theanine, I could continue a journey on my bike with no problems.
    It worked within 24 hours as I recall, possibly sooner. The effect is very subtle, its weird but as simple as one minute you can’t do something & then you can. I saw someone talking about EEG readings done for people on L Theanine & it seem to flatten the spikes on the reading. This feels like it is exactly what is happening.
    You may wonder why Buddhist monks are inscrutable & enigmatic, well they drink gallons of Green Tea, the active ingredient in Green Tea is L Theanine. It was extracted from the tea in 1949.
    One cautionary note: Do not take too much, eg 400Mg + / day you may find in time you too become just like a Buddhist monk & are so enigmatic & inscrutable you lose interest in all “worldly” INCLUDING sex. LOL Taking too much L Theanine is akin to sitting in a perfectly clear perspex cube.
    You can see the world outside but feel slightly apart from it. So be careful.

  5. Troy D.

    L -theanine is unlike any other anxiety medication I’ve ever tried. More than likely you’re not going to feel any different than what you do now, but one day it will hit you that you’re not reacting to anxiety like you normally do. I first noticed the effect when I had my morning coffee 5+ days into taking this. I normally get pretty jittery, and my muscles tighten up, but I still like the coffee buzz and the mental clarity. This herb took away the extreme jitteriness and mellowed out my blood pressure, but I could still think clearly.

    I now take it at about 5 AM, and then again at about noon. Don’t skip a dose! If you normally wake up during the night with any kind of anxious thoughts, this will eliminate that. My understanding is that this herb reduces the receptors for glutamate (the excitatory neurotransmitter) and then increases GABA, which is the feel-good sedating neurotransmitter. It effects both without having any sedating effect to your body. It’s very easy to think it’s not doing a thing, but all I can say is stick with it for at least a week. It will surprise you!

    I don’t think this herb is going to completely eliminate all anxiety from your life, and you probably wouldn’t want it to anyway as some anxiety can be motivating. I think it does however have a place if you suffer from debilitating panic attacks or anxiety that is so strong that it keeps you from living life to its fullest.

    And to anybody reading who suffers from nasty panic attacks or just generalized anxiety, just remember that all of the things that you fear have more than likely never happened yet. It is your imagination that creates the problems to begin with. You create this horror movie in your mind, and nobody is attending, an you’re not getting paid. Is that really a way to live life? This may take the help of a cognitive therapist to really master, but L-theanine can take away that extreme panic and give you confidence that you can in fact handle whatever comes your way. Being in a state of discomfort also means you’re growing. You are experiencing new events. When you have panic remind yourself of that! If you never go outside your comfort zone, you may be more relaxed, but you’re just stagnating. Life is filled with wonders and magic to be enjoyed and experienced. My hope for everyone is that this particular herb will help you to experience much more joy in your life, and take control of your like.

    I know I still struggle every day, but not having extreme panic attacks has helped me to change my attitude. It gives me that little extra boost to do things I would normally not do. In a few weeks from now I’m traveling from Alaska to Thailand on a 26 hr flight, and getting married. What a wonderful thing that is. If a $20 pill can help me to accomplish this, then I think it’s worth its weight in gold and then some.

    Best of luck to everyone in life’s journey. I hope you’re able to live it to its fullest!

  6. kay

    I have been the person who didn’t sleep through the night and stayed awake due to anxiety. For the past 6 weeks I have sleeper better than ever! I am subscribed to continue buying this product because I believe in it so much and I know sleep consistently throughout the night

  7. Christina

    I struggle with severe insomnia, panic disorders, PTSD, substance abuse, etc and have been trying to find natural ways to deal with these issues, due to not having health insurance. I’ve stopped drinking coffee because it makes me feel extremely on edge. I didn’t really think these would do anything because of my use benzodiazapines and ambien but I was still trying to be optimistic. After the first one I took, I noticed the difference. I always feel a general sense of uneasiness and that seemed to melt away. I felt calm but not sleepy at all, alert but not hyped up and shaky. I’ve slept well the last 2 nights for the first time in years. It did everything it claimed it would do and I’m blown away.

    Of course, this is just my personal experience. My partner took it and promptly took a nap, so it definitely works differently for others. I’m just grateful to find something drug free that can help me get some peace. Good luck y’all.

  8. 4real

    I bought this for a better sleep (cause : frequent nightmares). Magnesium Glycinate worked better for me, but this product worked for another person in my household, which was good.

  9. GR23

    My doctor recommended L-Theanine to me for my ADHD to combat the jittery side affect of my ADHD meds. I’m so happy I tried it because it helps.
    I haven’t tried any other brands than this one, because I’m on my second bottle and they work.
    They are a tremendous help for day time anxiety (and coffee jitter) while not make me sleepy. Just sort of mild zen feeling comes over me.
    I take 1-2 a day, then another an hour before bed and they REALLY help sleep quality and to wind down.
    And best part is, no morning grogginess.
    I much prefer this to melatonin.
    Will continue purchasing this and haven’t found a reason to switch to another brand.

  10. Chemist A1

    It’s o.k.

  11. Lisa Rajkarnikar

    Easy to swallow

  12. steve

    I ordered this product in an attempt to help my restless leg syndrome. Internet to stay away from prescription medications. My RLS is more on the severe side and I started taking this product and got surprisingly quick and satisfying results. So I intend to continue using this product and inform my doctor how satisfied I am with this rather than taking another prescription drug. I give it five stars five smiles. And highly recommend this product and seller

  13. James Gough

    I suffer from BFS which is muscle twitching. I heard GABA could help. It really does and I wasn’t expecting any other benefits, but taking 3-4 of these tablets I find I sleep soundly until the morning. I’ve also found I sometimes have a strange experience after taking them where I feel like my minds suddenly goes quiet and calm. That doesn’t really describe it well enough, but it is a very pleasant experience.

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