Hydroxycut + Women Pills with Biotin & Collagen | Hair Nails and Skin Vitamins | Iron Supplement | Energy Pills, 60 Count

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  • MADE FOR WOMEN – Hydroxycut Max for women has been formulated to give women what they want: powerful results and energy support combined with biotin, collagen, folic acid and iron in an advanced rapid release capsule.
  • SCIENTIFICALLY RESEARCHED INGREDIENTS – Features the key ingredient C. canephora robusta.
  • A BOOST FOR YOUR GOALS – scientifically researched dose of C. canephora robusta and 225mg of caffeine to enhance focus and increase energy.
  • HAIR, SKIN + NAILS SUPPORT – With 100% of the recommended Daily Value of biotin, a B vitamin known to help support hair, skin and nails. This new formula also contains folic acid, iron, hydrolyzed collagen, argan oil and silicon
  • ACHIEVE YOUR BEST RESULTS- Whether you’re following a Keto diet, intermittent fasting, or a personalized meal plan, Hydroxycut is an added edge to support your goals.

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Additional information

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Product Dimensions

2.5 x 2.5 x 5.63 inches, 2.88 Ounces

Date First Available

July 11, 2016


Iovate Health Sciences Incorporated

8 reviews for Hydroxycut + Women Pills with Biotin & Collagen | Hair Nails and Skin Vitamins | Iron Supplement | Energy Pills, 60 Count

  1. Karen

    El producto es muy bueno, ayuda a rebajar sin mayor esfuerzo, controlo muchísimo el apetito, con frasco y medio rebaje 4 kg sin mayor esfuerzo ni cambios radicales en mis hábito, da mucha energía, elimina cualquier falta de energía, definitivamente si te mantiene más activo pero en mi caso me desbordo el insomnio, tengo que dejarlas de tomar porque no estoy durmiendo bien, llego maximo a 4 horas porque me da sueño muy tarde e igual me tengo que levantar para trabajar, yo la estaba tomando la primera dosis a las 7 am y la segunda a las 2 pm y aún así me afectó considerablemente el sueño. Si no les afecta el sueño de la recomiendo, de lo contrario no la consuman !

  2. Jennifer Romero

    They made me more hungry

  3. melissa2428

    I really like the Hydroxycut Max for Women. I have my specific reasons for giving this 3 stars, so please read on.

    I love that these have the added biotin, iron, and folic acid. I am not sure about the recommended daily servings for these. But, as women, these are so necessary and it’s one less supplement to take. I have been battling with iron deficiency and hair thinning, so I appreciate this.

    This product, for sure, does boost energy, metabolism, and weight loss. I work out and follow a healthy meal plan. This product boosts my efforts up another couple notches. I have the energy that I need to push through workouts when I otherwise would not have the motivation.

    My issues with Hydroxycut Max and the reason for 3 stars rather than 5 are:
    1. It does interfere with my sleep – even taking well before 5 hours before bedtime.
    2. The directions says not to snack between meals. What is up with that??? Most people who are really into working out and following a healthy lifestyle eat 5 to 6 meals small meals a day. Some of which are considered snacks. Hydroxycut makes no clarification on this. I really don’t think it’s feasible to expect that people who workout eat just three meals per day. So how does eating 5 – 6 meals affect the results?
    3. Red No. 40 as an ingredient. Why? Why? Why? This is known to not be good. Why ruin a good thing by adding this dye when it is not necessary. There are healthier alternatives.

    I am up in the air as to whether or not I will repurchase this mostly because of reasons 1 and 3. I will try taking this once per day to see if this makes a difference with my sleep. To be fair, I will contact Hydroxycut with my concerns which is what I should have done before I wrote this review, so I apologize for that.

  4. Angel

    I am writing after taking this for a week. I took 1 capsule twice a day. The first three days I was slightly nauseous. I decided to eat a small amount, like fruit, before I took the first capsule. It definitely helped. On day four I was not nauseous any longer. I urinated a lot more than usual. I normally drink 7-9 glasses of water a day so my water intake did not increase. I have lost 4 pounds during my first week without changing my eating habits. This week I am taking two capsules twice a day but I may return to one capsule twice a day. I have to say that after one week it seems to work. I will need to see what will happen during week two.

  5. TaTyana Roundtree

    It did what it said it would. I lost a number of weight.

  6. jeannette scholz

    I’ve lost a lot of weight on this I highly recommend it.

  7. Princess Alex

    I’m 26 no health issues just wanted something to help me shed about 20lbs… listen, the first week I took 2 a Day; morning then night ate small breakfast and small dinner. GREAT! I was losing about 7 lbs the first week. But I will say I did have energy but I would get dizzy if I over exerted or got up to fast..that’s fine. THEN, the directions tell you to take 4 a day, 2morn 2 night… ok so I did that. The second day I took 2 in the morning ate drank a coffee then 2 at night ate dinner by 930 out of the blue my heart raced I got light headed and lates down on my husbands lap to see if it would go away. NO within 3 minutes my entire body shook uncontrollably like a seizure almost and my vision got blurry I thought I was having a heart attack or stroke I couldn’t even walk to the bathroom to splash water on my face or anything. It was truly horrific my heart did not slow down until 1 day later seriously and it definitely did something to my nervous system my aniexty is horrible now and I sometimes still get chest pains. This pill is mostly caffeine and it’s way more than the normal daily consumption amount. I will say it works but the side effects aren’t worth it. And definitely don’t take the 4 a day ladies.

  8. ELM

    I guess this product is okay.
    I normally use elite or hardcore. I do not get as much energy from these or appetite blockers as well as the others.
    It however does have added benefits as said on the bottle but can’t be proven to do much.
    Over all product is okay.
    Next time I’ll buy elite or hardcore. I feel they are just trying to market to women and as someone that needs that extra “umph” it didn’t have it

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