Hydroxycut Drink Mix | Weight Loss for Women & Men | Weight Loss Supplement | Energy Drink Powder | Metabolism Booster for Weight Loss | Wildberry…

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  • WEIGHT LOSS for WOMEN & MEN – Hydroxycut Weight Loss Drink Mix is formulated with a scientifically researched key ingredient to produce significant weight loss results

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9.88 x 5.75 x 2.52 inches, 8.15 Ounces

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March 2, 2021



8 reviews for Hydroxycut Drink Mix | Weight Loss for Women & Men | Weight Loss Supplement | Energy Drink Powder | Metabolism Booster for Weight Loss | Wildberry…

  1. Hammer

    It works

  2. anon

    I just started taking this so I can’t tell you if it works for weight loss. I will update in a few months on that issue. But there are some things that might be helpful to know.

    First the taste. From reading the reviews some people said they thought it was horrible and I almost didn’t buy it because of that. Well I am so glad I did because I like the taste, a lot! It tastes just like Hawaiian Punch. Its sweet, like candy sweet. I drink kool aid every day so maybe that will help someone understand if you like sweet you will like this. If you have the tastebuds of a 7 year old you will love this :).

    Second, this does not give the jitters but I can climb a mountain with this stuff! Wow on the energy factor! I only do 1/2 a packet in a bottle of water and I’m good to go. I am sensitive to medicines etc so an average person may need the whole packet. I could not imagine taking this more than once a day as they recommend, I wouldn’t sleep for a week.

    Third, It has curbed my appetite, which is what I needed because of all the sweet junk food I eat, and also why I needed to find a diet supplement to begin with!

    Last, it has not caused any gastro issues (the Hydroxycut gummies did).

    I hope this helps someone who is on the fence about trying it. Again, I just started so can’t vouch for the weight loss but the product itself is worth a try.

  3. Marco Vagnarelli


  4. SKskSk

    Besides the taste is extremely awful, it works really well. If you have constipation or you like to eat a lot or you constantly forgot to drink a lot of water or you rarely eat fruits/vegetables, this product is perfect. I think the awful taste is meant to be this awful so that people would drink more water and can’t stop drinking water after also. I usually drink it during night, it helps your health system and you will go to bathroom daily with no trouble and pain with healthy results, which also saves you from hemorrhoids and stomachs problems. I’m a very lazy person and often times hate to brush my teeth before go to sleep, but if you drink this during night, it will force you to brush your teeth because the taste won’t go away. With the sweetness of this product, even if you didn’t drink any water during the day, you would be drinking enough water by the end of the day if you take this product, I personally drink at least 10 cups of water because the awful taste. And I think it really helps.

    I’ve been drinking this product for about 3 years, not every day, but once in a while I felt I need help from external supplements, I wouldn’t say this product can help you reduce a lot of weight and sometimes if you eat so much, even drinking this product wouldn’t help. But when you eating too much and you think of the awful taste you might have to double to kill the fat, you would start to control and eat a bit less. Just by typing this makes me want to throw up, the taste is really gross. But I haven’t found any other product that works effectively like this one and cheaper than this one. So I might just continue getting this even I hate the taste so much. I meant when I first bought this, I’m like woah a weight loss product tastes like fruit, well at least it’s better than bitter flavor. Then later on, it just … turns to nightmare. The person who design this terrible taste is a genius….. really. It’s kind of hard to find this awful taste these days in most of the places on the world.

    On the weight loss side, I would say, I lost about 5 pounds from a one month supplement every time. So it’s not that bad. But if you continue drinking for 3 months or half year, I don’t think it will go over too much or be a dramatic change. In the end, the weight loss is more depending on what you eat,l and exercise, of course your other health issue and age, etc, definitely not this. So counting too much on this product for weight loss or other dramatic changes is not realistic.

    I guess everyone is different, some people might found this make things worse? For me, it works fine so far, and I think one day it will not work for me also, until then, I will be keep getting this product when I needed.

    Forgot to mention, this product is also an energy booster, but I don’t think anybody would drink this at work in the office as I felt nobody want their colleagues or boss to smell the same awful taste from their mouth, at least I would feel embarrassed and less likely to sit closer to anyone when talking. so during a work day I drink it after work when I get home. During weekend, I drink it when I woke up. It does help boosting the energy, sometimes can cause you to stay late during night, but not that bad, at least it didn’t hurt me or made my life worse such as completely flipping my day and night. Overall this product helped me a lot, I am hoping they could design some other flavors like a better taste one and a even worse taste one. I think I used to live strawberries and all those berrie shown on the picture, but ever since I had drink this product, I avoid getting these fruits. It also reminds me that I had some awful banana flavor once from other wellness products like milkshakes, I then haven’t eat the real banana for years, sometimes I wonder why they even sell these awful flavors in the public, there must be someone(probably from experience focus group) telling them the flavor sucks before they sell on the market, it’s funny and such a courage that I admire the beneficial owner/boss would approved the product selling in market.

    I hope this helps. :p

  5. Emily

    It tastes good, and if you want energy this is the product that works!! I get so much done after drinking this stuff! It makes me not eat as much because after I drink it I’m not hungry at all! And I eat less! Good product to buy

  6. KaSandra

    I was excited about this product and wanted to use this for years. I never got the courage to buy, because I was scared that it would not work. I finally made the purchase. I read plenty of reviews and was excited. I started drinking this product last week, but I can’t get over the taste. Lol. I decided to add extra water to drink mix (32oz, instead of 16 oz), but that taste. Lol. I plan to try again this week. Lol. But the taste. LOL. I hope this product works.

  7. Ms.Washington

    My go to. no shaking just great energy. it definitely helps with my workouts!

  8. Beautifully Imperfect!

    So when I did try these, they gave a slight energy boost, but nothing incredibly noticeable. I wouldn’t buy these again, only because I prefer something that will give more obvious results. The flavor was decent for a Berry flavor. The price was reasonably affordable when I bought this.

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