Herbal Uric Acid Cleanse and Detox – Essential Daily Kidney Cleanse and Uric Acid Support for Adults – Joint Support Supplement and Detox Cleanse…

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  • Quercetin with Bromelain – Experience the power of a more potent type of daily supplement with a plant-based antioxidant that brings many benefits like joint support for tired joints and muscles
  • Healthy Kidney Support Supplement – Get the most out of our daily uric acid supplement that features chanca piedra which is known to boost kidney health and function by balancing your uric acid levels
  • A Powerful Formula – Our daily uric acid supplement features a range of essential ingredients such as vitamin b6 and citric acid as well as balancing ingredients like celery seed extract
  • Uric Acid Flush Antioxidant – Our potent ingredients-based uric acid helps joint support and maintains uric acid production in a normal range while also metabolizing excess uric acid in the body
  • Natures Craft Quality – Here at Natures Craft we have your needs in mind which is why all of our supplements are 3rd party tested for potency and formulated in the United States by GMPc laboratories

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June 13, 2019


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10 reviews for Herbal Uric Acid Cleanse and Detox – Essential Daily Kidney Cleanse and Uric Acid Support for Adults – Joint Support Supplement and Detox Cleanse…

  1. WVfishfly

    I am often a skeptic of herbal stuff, but I have not taken ANY prescription drugs for gout for over 10 months. I can drank beer and alcohol, I can eat shrimp and steak again without pain. I have not had a uric acid level tested in a long time, but I’ll update this when I have verifiable evidence of efficacy. I don’t know for certain if this is totally healthy, but I don’t take allopurinol or colchicine at all anymore. This is cheaper too. As a medical laboratory professional and scientist, I only believe in which there is evidence. Consult your physician, milage may vary.

  2. Richard Davis

    This product has been beneficial in helping control acid in connection with gout.

  3. Keating

    I’ve bought on two occasions from the international store – Amazon US (Amazon Export Sales LLC). This time round, the product I received doesn’t seem authentic:

    – Label is matte (instead of glossy like before),
    – Typos in the label (see attached pic with errors in label – “Natures Craft Uric Acid F…plement 90 Veggie Capsules”)
    – Cotton inside is yellowed

    I understand that for the international store (Amazon US / Export Sales LLC), Amazon US typically purchases from local merchants, stocks products in Amazon’s warehouse and then ships it out to global customers.

    Amazon does not perform authenticity checks on purchases from these 3rd party local merchants, hence supply chain could be compromised with counterfeit products.

    I recommend going direct to Natures Craft’s official first-party online store to make your purchases to avoid counterfeit products.

    Buyer beware!

  4. Katie

    My dad was suffering from major gout pain and my cousin suggested I purchase these supplements for him to try since nothing else was helping. His condition improved very quickly and now he continues to take it to prevent more flare ups. Highly recommended!

  5. Barry Cory

    I was right in the middle of one of my worst gout attack in years. Spent 2 days taking cherry extract and Aleve nut nothing much changed. Ordered this and within 24 hours I was able to walk again without much pain. I’ll be a faithful and lifelong client as long as this continues to help.

  6. Melissa

    Having periodically taken Allopurinol and avoided it due to the side issues and decided, on the basis of the reviews to try this for myself. I’d suffered from periodic flare ups while taking Allopurinol and tried to manage it with US Ibuprofen (useless) and European Ibruprofen (much better). This product has been transformational.

    I’ve had no flare-ups, enhanced mobility and of course no reason to be concerned by long term issues that might be caused by Allopurinol.

  7. Keating

    The bottle is severely damaged. Hope the capsules are still consumable

  8. Richard

    I started to get an attack of arthritic gout in my foot and this eliminated it in a day or two. Now I keep it on hand all the time. I think it also helps with my spine arthritis.

  9. Amazon Customer

    I normally do not write reviews, but I decided to because this might be able to help someone. I was diagnosed with gout about three years ago. For people who suffer from gout, you know it is an awful thing and you will do anything to make the pain stop, and even more to not let the pain ever start. I was taking allopurinol for the last three years and it worked. The bad side effect of this though was the first time I ever started taking allopurinol. I had the worst gout attack I’ve ever had. After I made it through that and I was told this is a side effect of taking it then I was fine. I decided I did not want to be on medication the rest of my life and did research on a lot of alternatives. I found this and started taking it alongside the allopurinol to begin to wean myself off from conventional medicine. After supplementing both together then I went to two tablets a day. 90 days ago, I completely went to just this natural supplement and no allopurinol. I am happy to report that I have not had any gout issues whatsoever. I wanted to take a while before I would leave a review to make sure this really was truly working for me. I would say going over 90 days plus and not having any side effects is a good indicator that this seems to be working and I thought I might let other people know this because I was looking for someone to give a review something like this to reassure me before I tried it. I am not making any medical recommendations just sharing my own experience, and I hope this will help some of you all!

  10. Hou74

    My first gout attack was 10+ years ago in my mid 30’s. Deep family history of gout and RA, enough to know that the medical community is clueless about root causes of high uric acid levels and especially what causes an acute gout attack. Until a couple of years ago my attacks were limited to about one per year with diet and exercise. I’ve kept an active prescription of Colchicine for attacks. Colchicine certainly helped to reduce the length of the attack and even seemed to ward off some full-blown attacks if taken at an early enough stage of an attack. But anyone who has ever taken Colchicine knows the awful intestinal side effects.

    Two years ago my attack frequency ramped up to 3-4 times per year, enough for my doctor to check my uric acid level a few months ago which was 8+. My doctor told me to let him know when the attacks became so frequent that I was ready to get on a long term uric acid controller like Allopurinol, a drug my Dad has taken for 20+ years. I researched that family of drugs and was not shocked to learn the incredibly scary side effects of prolonged use. My search for an alternative to reduce uric acid levels led me to natural remedies like tart cherry and milk thistle, and to supplements like Natures Craft.

    A few days ago my second acute attack in the last two months hit in the middle of the night. I decided to try one of the supplements I had researched instead of Colchicine and ordered the Uric Acid Support Supplement. My first dose (2 capsules) was taken at the end of day one of the attack. I woke up the next day feeling like the attack had leveled off. I took one capsule on the morning of day 2 and another that night. When I woke up this morning the attack had broken but still had the intense soreness that typically lingers for a few days after an attack. I took another capsule this morning and before noon I was close to 100%. And all of this relief with ZERO intestinal problems!

    Very interested to see how daily use affects the frequency of future attacks and my uric acid level. But even if this supplement is only effective for treatment of this single attack it will have been worth it. If you have chronic gout you will end up searching for alternative treatments at some point because the medical community is useless for treatment and prescribes drugs with side effects worst than long term effects of an elevated uric acid level. Give Natures Craft a try, I am extremely pleased that I did.

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