Bloom Nutrition Green Superfood | Super Greens Powder Juice & Smoothie Mix | Complete Whole Foods (Organic Spirulina, Chlorella, Wheat Grass),…

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  • Say Goodbye to Bloat – Our blend of probiotics restores the balance to your gut, eliminating bloat and detoxifying the digestive system. A scoop of our Greens supplement provides quick bloating relief and reduces gut inflammation.
  • All Natural Ingredients – Our number one goal is to create a healthy product packed with essential nutrients and organic superfoods that provide the nutritional support your body needs. Our premium Greens powder is 100% natural, sugar free, low carb, keto-friendly, non-GMO and certified vegan.
  • Clean Energy Boost – Our best selling Greens and Superfood Essentials provide a sustainable way to boost your energy levels. Unlike most energy drinks that use caffeine and sugar, our Greens provide lasting natural energy derived from micronutrient dense superfoods, matcha powder, and garden fresh fruits and vegetables sourced from sustainable farms that taste great.
  • Promote Healthy Digestion – We’ve curated an amazing nutritious blend of raw superfoods that aids digestion and supports digestive health. Our blend of digestive enzymes helps break down the food you eat, while probiotics help the body absorb the nutrients from those foods.
  • Enhanced Immune Support – Our Greens superfood powder contains a powerful blend of vitamins, antioxidants and adaptogenic herbs to help increase immune response.

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3.56 x 3.56 x 3.71 inches, 7.83 Ounces

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December 18, 2020


Nutrascience Labs

6 reviews for Bloom Nutrition Green Superfood | Super Greens Powder Juice & Smoothie Mix | Complete Whole Foods (Organic Spirulina, Chlorella, Wheat Grass),…

  1. Tonya Stauffenecker

    First off i will say, this is my first time trying any sort of green powder. Like everyone else, i seen all the videos and marketing adds everywhere and decided i would try it.

    -Flavor: It was decent. im not a huge coconut person, and lemme tell you this is VERY coconut flavored. Doesnt matter what i mix it with, you can taste it. Doesnt have any of that earthy flavor to it which i was happy with. Suggestion, drink it cold with lots of ice. Doesnt taste so good warm.
    -Blending power: It blends super well. The only down side is that it does tend to settle after awhile. I tried it in tea, smoothies and all by itself. All tasted good.

    Side Effects: Being as i am a first time greens drinker i wasnt sure how it would affect me. Mind you what i experienced may not happen to you, its just my own person experience. I did get a little bit of an upset stomach and some soft stools at first. I took this over a 3 week period, by the end of the 3rd week it was no longer an issue. I have constant and reoccurring acid reflux, i dont know if it was the greens, or something else, but i didnt have to take any medications for my reflux and didnt have ANY spurts of heart burn at all.

    Overall- Was it worth it? Well, i wasnt craving greens every morning, but i didnt have to “choke it down” either. Yes, i think in my own opinion it is worth the money. I will definitely try other flavors once i finish this container for sure.

  2. Mallory Fraser

    I’ve been using this product for two weeks, and it’s genuinely amazing. I was thinking that it would probably be all hype, but bought it with a gift card anyway, and I’m so glad I did.

    I’ve tried the orgain greens, and they tasted so horrible that outside of a half portion in smoothies, I couldn’t bear to drink it. A whole scoop of that green also made my tummy “explode,” for lack of a better term. The bloom greens taste great, sweet a vanilla-y. Maybe too sweet for some people, but a perfect medium for me. They blend fantastic, you can easily use a straw and don’t need a milk frother like the greens recommend.

    Do I believe the greens have some magical anti bloat property? No. BUT they certainly do help. Drinking a glass of this every morning has made me so regular. I go at least once a day, if not a second time in the afternoon. I’m not gassy in between. This has been a huge change for me, as I’ve dealt with constipation for years. I used to try a myriad of supplements like blackseed oil, and stool softeners/laxatives, but nothing that ever worked consistently. A lot of those also caused cramping/gassiness, but with bloom I’m genuinely comfortable.

  3. April

    So I gave this 4 stars bc I’m not sure how I feel yet. Today is Friday and I started bloom this past Sunday. I got the coconut flavor and it honestly taste nothing like coconut! It taste more like a vanilla protein powder than coconut and I hate vanilla protein powder! It’s not unbearable like some say but it takes some getting use to! It’s more the color than anything you have to get past! Starting Wednesday, the violent bowel movements started. My stomach didn’t hurt or cramp, but I assume this stuff is excising the bad food demons from my body!! I’ve seen some reviews that say give it a good 3-4 weeks and it’ll settle down so I’m hopeful!! I’m normally not regular at all and seem to stay bloated. I can say since starting bloom I’ve had no bloat and have been regular-ish!

  4. Amazon Customer

    The bloom is yummy! Of course I saw it everywhere on the TikTok and followed suit. If anything, you definitely need the hand held frother to mix it. I start with about a 1/4 cup of water to really mix it well then pour the rest of the water to make 8oz. It works for me so it’s quick and down the hatch! I really like drinking it with coconut water. So far two days done and no issues but haven’t noticed a difference yet. I am starting slow with just one serving/scoop a day and in the morning, which takes place of my coffee, so maaaaaybe it is working 🤔. Energy? Will try to post an update after a week

  5. hazel mack

    I was nervous about getting the mango flavor due to looking over other reviews. I end up getting that flavor, and it actually isn’t bad. I have tried it with water, and with juice. It taste fine either way, but I prefer it with juice. I feel like since I have started it that it has made me more gassy, but I don’t feel bloated. I will definitely order more, and recommend this product. I do recommend getting a frother to help blend it, or use it in a blender

  6. Toni O

    This product works for me. I bought the mango flavor in the smaller size to try it out since I’ve been seeing it everywhere. I’m a huge foodie which means I’m bloated, OFTEN. Probably should stay away from gluten and such, but I won’t and this product has definitely helped me everyday since I started to use it. I do one scoop every morning either before or with my breakfast and I’m usually feeling good all day long. Some cons, the powder doesn’t dissolve too well even with a handheld frother. But it’s not terrible to where it’s not drinkable, but you can definitely see and feel a little bit of it. Also, this one in particular, is way sweeter than I thought it would be. Good thing to note is that I dilute a lot of my juices with water (apple, orange, etc.). So I don’t prefer sweet drinks. I usually use about 18-20oz of water with one scoop of power which is works better for me. If you are looking to try a product for similar results, I think this is a good place to start.

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