BioSource Labs Complex ProMAX Premium Diet Drops (1 x 2 oz Bottle)

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  • PREMIUM SUPPORT FOR EXPERIENCED DIETERS: Unleash your body’s potential with Complex ProMAX Drops. When used as part of a diet, these drops may help hunger and raise energy levels. Formulated with amino acids to promote ideal conditions for loss, such as boosting lean muscle and tissue repair, healthy brain function, and nutrient absorption. The additional quality, natural ingredients may assist with reducing stress.
  • WHO IS PROMAX FOR? Get the results you crave, and power through plateaus. This advanced formula is effective for intermittent fasting, low-carb diets, keto, paleo, slow carb, and more. BioSource Complex ProMAX offers the same basic benefits as Complex Drops but contains ingredients that address the more specific needs experienced dieters have, like inflammation and hunger.
  • FAST & EASY TO USE: These sublingual drops should be used 3 times per day. Complex ProMAX is completely natural and will not spike blood sugar levels. With a great taste and no artificial flavors, colors, fillers, or other ingredients, you can focus on your diet to break through and ensure you are working effectively. Complex ProMAX Drops don’t need refrigeration and have a shelf life of 2 years.
  • 21 NATURAL INGREDIENTS: A unique blend of ingredients with garcinia cambogia, caralluma fimbriata, African mango, green tea, guarana, and more. Contains essential amino acids that work synergistically with adaptogens to provide crucial benefits in the body during reduced calorie intake or fasting. This safe, natural product is made in the USA, in Registered, cGMP-certified manufacturing facilities for the highest quality product with tested ingredients. No harmful side effects!
  • SATISFIED CUSTOMERS: BioSource Labs has helped many thousands of men and women reach their health and weight loss goals. BioSource takes pride in the quality and effectiveness of these diet drops that work fast for a man or woman. Your order is covered by a 30-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee. Your complete satisfaction is our top priority!

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5.2 x 3.35 x 1.89 inches, 4.66 Ounces

Date First Available

August 17, 2020


BioSource Labs

8 reviews for BioSource Labs Complex ProMAX Premium Diet Drops (1 x 2 oz Bottle)

  1. Karen H.

    This product is more expensive than the original, but not more effective . Should have saved my money.

  2. Catherine

    still have a Appetite not losing any weight been drinking lots of water my regular diet I just don’t see a difference

  3. Bostonbeanie

    These drops have a heavy “rubbing alcohol” taste and wasn’t an effective product for me. I do understand people are different but I will not purchase this item again.

  4. Zar S.

    Dislike, received a leaking sticky bottle and barely half inside to finish phase 2.
    Likes: have used “hcg” drops like these in 2013 (bought from Walgreens then) and lost over 35lbs and kept it even after having my son in 2014 I returned to pre pregnancy weight. Takes discipline and a mindset that the drops helps to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle and eating habits. For me the drops help wean off sugar and food additives that are addicting. Yes you’re going to lose weight on any very low calorie diet, but for me I haven’t been able to do keep a very low calorie diet even for few days without the drops. The first week or so I usually struggle, but by week three it’s gets easier and motivated to continue. I’ll update and I’m buying the regular biosource bottle for my next round.

  5. zeezee

    Let me start by saying I’m not writing this review for free product, this is my honest review. My first time
    using BioSource Max so far I’m really impressed, it does carb my sweet craving and I’m following the protocol to the T no cheating. After my 2 loading day I weighed 200.1lbs, I’m currently on day 8 I’m down to 185 lbs. I will update my review once I finish the drop so excited.

  6. tchutchuco

    I am following a Low Calories Diet with 16 hours of fasting and this drops for sure have helped me in many ways. Except some cravings at the time, which is normal, in these first days I feel like I am in control easily and not starving. I would buy it again and definitely recommend to someone looking to have a low calorie diet journey.

  7. Ann Gobel

    This is a completely different mindset, but it works if you stick to it. I’m losing the weight, 10 pounds off in 14 days by following the amounts of food to eat and the types of food to eat. For exercise, simple walking is all you need, not even power walking. The exercise isn’t what works on this, it’s the diet drops. BioSource has an excellent tool when you follow it strictly. I’m one happy camper! 🙂

  8. melissa lopez

    This formula is sweet to taste. I felt more hungry taking it. In my experience the original formula worked better to reduce hunger . I list more weight in the original

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