Animal Cuts Thermogenic Fat Burner – Nootropic Weight Loss Management Diet Pills for Men and Women for Focus and Brain Support with Ketones

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  • All in One Fat Burning Agent: This next level shredding supplement is backed by real research on ingredients that actually assist in burning fat for both men and women
  • 17 Fat Burning Ingredients: Our comprehensive formula two key forms of L-Carnitine and Tyrosine, Choline, Caffeine, Green Tea Extract to give your metabolism a kick in the rear
  • Convenient Grab-and-Go Packs: Each dose of Cuts is in its own individual pack that you can throw in your gym bag, work bag, or just leave it in the tin; no messy powder, no spilling, no clumping; if you don’t need stim, just remove the red caffeine pill
  • Made to the Highest Quality & Safety Standards: All of our products are produced in our GMP certified US plant, and every batch is 3rd party lab tested for quality, safety and potency; thanks to our intentional formulations our products work synergistically across our range
  • Trusted by Performance Athletes for More than 40 Years: Animal is family-owned and has pushed sports nutrition forward, that’s how we’ve earned the trust of dedicated strength and performance athletes who know that we are all built, not born

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September 16, 2003



7 reviews for Animal Cuts Thermogenic Fat Burner – Nootropic Weight Loss Management Diet Pills for Men and Women for Focus and Brain Support with Ketones

  1. Chris Williamson

    Okay so I’ve been taking for a week. It cuts water weight like nothing I’ve tried before. The stimulant capsule is so powerful I only take the morning one.

  2. nursesassy

    Thee best. I had cancer so weight gain is a major issue. I work out 4-5 days a week, and I won’t lie diet was bad so I wouldn’t lose much. I tried these and this is only day 4, I lost over 5 pounds. These pills majorly curb your appetite and give you energy, but not to where you feel your heart racing. I find myself not eating more then 1400 calories a day, and I am super thirsty haha. Drink lots of water. I noticed now at the gym, I am soaked with sweat, and I mean soaked. This is the best, and I have tried them all. I can’t wait to see how much weight I lost in a month from now.

  3. Juiceman

    I waited over a month after taking em to write a review. After looking at diff fat burners, I decided to pull the trigger on this brand even tho it’s a pricey FB. I only take 1 pack a day and only take em on my weight train nd cardio days, which is 5 days out the week. I was already cutting and was seeing weekly results but decided to give FB a try. I Never really tried them. I noticed more energy during my workouts. I believe it’s helping me each week with losing weight. I’m losing 1-3lbs a week. I never exp problems others in the reviews have. I have no cons For this product other than taking 2 packs a day and the price. This isn’t a magic pill. With a good diet and being physically active, this FB will be help you with losing weight. U have to put in the work!!
    This pill won’t do it for you.

  4. Monica Cox

    Update I am now on my 3rd month I have only been taking one pack of the pills but have lost 10lbs and a lot of inches off my waist and my face has slimmed down. Not sure why it’s out of stock.
    I was not sure this would work. I’m on day 3 and have lost 3 lbs. I only changed my eating to less. I have done this in the past with no results. I had a child 6 years ago and have not been able to lose the weight I gained. This is with clean eating and exercising. I had given up the last year. Because nothing was working. I decided to look up weight lose aids. This came up and the reviews mainly men but further reading said it was ok for women, so I decided to try it. What did I have to lose. I started at 180 and am at 177 today. I am 5’3 and not very active as I stated I had given up on getting back into shape after my last child. (It usually takes me 3 years to get back to my pre baby shape) I had been very active lifting weights and working out daily before I gave birth best shape of my life in my late 30s and after I started again no results so here I am. Trying after giving up for a year. So far best results I have had let’s hope it keeps working my goal and fit weight is 140. Will review in 3 week with progress.

  5. Jaime Franco

    Muchas pastillas

  6. Sarah

    This is by far my favorite product to help me lose weight and get my metabolism boosted. I will say though, do not go awhile without eating after taking this. It makes me nauseous, dizzy, and I got orthostatic hypotension when I got up after sitting for awhile. Your body needs those calories because this thing is doing it’s job VERY well. So please eat shorty after or you really will feel awful

  7. Kyle A. Lucas

    I really thought this product was great. It did what it was marketed to do and had very little side-effects.

    Other products I have taken that contain diuretics have made me almost miserable. I drink a gallon of water a day, and my schedule forces me to work out at night. Given the mass volumes of water I take in at the gym, and throw in a diuretic, and I was up peeing LITERALLY every 15-20 minutes the first two hours after going to bed. This was not the case with Animal Cuts. It did make me pee more, but not to the point of being a nuisance. You will want to drink a lot more water with this product.

    I’ve read a lot about dramatically increased sweating. While I do feel “warmer” it’s not at all unpleasant, and I only sweat more during situations that would make me sweat in the first place anyways. In other words, sitting in my air conditioned office didn’t make me sweat. Running outside, I did sweat considerably more. But there was no body odor or anything, nor sweating through my dress shirts. I’m not a naturally sweaty guy, so maybe if you struggle with heavy perspiration, you may want to be careful.

    It had some great effects in other fields, actually. Maybe it was a placebo, but I find myself more focused on my projects at work while I’m taking this. Less “ADD-like”. This is a definite perk. During seminars and meetings, I was less likely to zone out or get bored. I was firing out solutions like a pro. I’ve never been a big caffeine drinker, so maybe it was just the caffeine-high, but I definitely enjoyed it.

    Of course, the assistance in working out was great. It will work better for those of you who work out in the morning, but since I work out around 9:00 PM, Animal Cuts is basically out of my system. However, with my busy schedule, without this product I would be crashing by 9:00, so it still was great.

    The side-effects while on the product weren’t bad. The first time I took it, the appetite suppressant hit so hard I couldn’t even finish a small bowl of oatmeal. After that, though, it was just a great curb. I no longer crave the cookies my co-workers bring in, and my normally insatiable appetite is at a healthy limit now. Only time it gets bad is at night. After my post-workout meal, and about an hour before bed, Animal Cuts is completely out of my system and I am famished. I have to chug a protein shake or just go to bed to keep myself from making a second dinner.

    There is also the occasional heart burn. I can literally tell once it is kicking in, because I feel a sensation similar to slight acid reflux in my belly. This fades quickly, and never caused much discomfort. I honestly strangely appreciated the sensation. Products like Lipo 6x, I never felt anything at all, so I couldn’t tell if it was working or not. This let me know that the product was kicking in, and this helped me psychologically as well. The only time it got bad was when I had a lot of spicy foods with it, then my heart burn was pretty bad.

    The worst side-effect was AFTER taking it. At the end of my 3 week cycle, I took one week off as recommended. I nearly crashed. I was yawning all day every day. My workouts were a struggle. I was sleeping 10-12 hours a night. It wasn’t pretty. Maybe it was a coincidence and I was just having a rough week, but I think it was coming down off the “high” of Animal Cuts.

    It is a lot of pills. It never bothered me at all, since they are pre-packed. They have some sweetener coated on them, though, that made me gag a bit. My cupboard actually smells like them, and that smell makes me a bit uneasy, probably from the association. I would prefer just plan pills. I’m not 8 years old, I don’t need candy coating to take pills.

    One issue I had is one I have with all thermogenics. The 30 minutes before you eat rule is a bit of a drag. It means I can’t wake up and just eat breakfast and get ready for work. It also means if I want to take animal cuts before a run in the morning, I have to wake up 30 minutes before my run, or skip eating a meal and run on an empty stomach. Not a big deal, just a nuisance.

    So this review is a bit unorganized, but those are my thoughts on Animal Cuts. I will continue to use it, as it really made other products (Hydroxycut, I’m looking at you) look like amateur stuff. I never suffered insomnia on the product, and it was a great pick me up in the morning.

    Also, if I see you post “My diet kind of sucked when I took this…I didn’t lose anything” I will hunt you down and punt you. This isn’t a diet pill. It works with your body. It gives you 25%, you have to do the other 75%.

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