Alli Weight Loss Diet Pills, Orlistat 60 mg Capsules, Non Prescription Weight Loss Aid, 120 Count Refill Pack

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  • Alli is an approved weight loss pill that helps block about 25 percent of the fat you eat from being absorbed
  • Acts as an effective WEIGHT LOSS pill for both Women and men
  • For every 5 pounds you lose through diet and exercise, alli can help you lose 2 to 3 more
  • Alli works in the digestive tract with minimal absorption into the bloodstream, meaning there is little to no effect on the cardiovascular and Central nervous systems
  • Alli Diet pills are a weight loss SUPPLEMENT for overweight adults, 18 years and older, when used along with a reduced calorie and low fat diet

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4 reviews for Alli Weight Loss Diet Pills, Orlistat 60 mg Capsules, Non Prescription Weight Loss Aid, 120 Count Refill Pack

  1. RJ

    This pill works best for me when I:
    -take 2 pills in AM 30 minutes before breakfast
    -take 2 pills with LUNCH
    -take 2 pills with Wellution XXL ACV gummy at PM before bed (no eating after 7 pm) [not paid for any product endorsement]

    At first I lost 4 pounds in October 2022. By mid November 2022 I lost 3 pound more. Then Thanksgiving and Christmas happened. Got off track.

    I did not lose heart. Ordered another bottle. Followed my same routine. Now in 2 weeks I’ve lost 2 pounds.

    Stick with it. Don’t eat too much junk. Your stool WILL BE runny because your body is getting rid of A LOT of fluids and fat. Drink plenty of water.

    Now that I look back on it…taking a break from the ALLI pills for a few weeks was not all bad. Bathroom trips were often urgent. I didn’t gain much weight back, but I’m ready to get back on track for summer wear. GO FOR IT. STICK WITH IT!!

  2. Julie M. Hughes

    I started using Alli again in March along with other weight loss aids as part of a medically-supervised weight loss program. I had used it previously, with limited success, but that success was not wholly a failure on the part of the product as I sometimes forgot to take it and I didn’t always fully meet the dietary restrictions. This time, however, it has made a major contribution to a very successful weight loss effort that has impressed even my doctor.

    To start with, I had gastric bypass surgery in 2002 that resulted in a weight loss of 188 lbs. Some rebound is common and even expected, but due to various circumstances, I gained weight at the rate of approximately 10 lbs a year, for a total of almost 60 lbs, which is much higher than normal. I made MANY attempts to lose weight but NONE resulted in more than a few lbs loss, no matter what I tried.

    Then, in February, I became a patient of Dr. Dominic Ricciardi, a bariatric physician who specializes in post-op weight loss surgery patients. (Contrary to popular opinion, long-term post-ops often have a harder time taking off “small” amounts of weight than the average person.) My husband and I started his program together. I have a hard time calling it a program though, since it consists mostly of a calorie-controlled diet (1600 calories for me, 2000 for my husband) with journaling to keep track of calories and protein, physical activity, and the use of prescription phentermine. Prior to beginning the program, we had a full lab workup, and in office we were tested with EKG, Calorimeter, BP, weight, body composition, and measurements.

    We had great success in the first month. Following an auto accident, I began to have headaches related to a neck injury. When I mentioned this to Dr. Ricciardi, he prescribed me Topomax for the headaches. Some of the well-known “side-effects” of this medication are a marked decrease in appetite and a change in sense of taste with regard to some foods/drinks. This is so distinct that the medication is in the process of being patented as a combo drug WITH phentermine for weight loss. He told me this because he knew that I was already doing very well with the phentermine alone, people taking Topomax often eat TOO LITTLE and he wanted to make sure I continued getting enough nutrition. He was right. I essentially lost the desire to eat (which is a wonderful thing for someone who is essentially a food addict.)

    At the same time, I told him that I had a supply of Alli from the last time I dieted, and I wanted to know if it would be acceptable for me to take it. He told me that would be fine, and gave me the go ahead to take the prescription dosage. My Amazon purchase was my “refill” after I went through my reserves. Fat content has always been a problem for me for any number of reasons. First, fat is what makes food yummy! Second, especially when it comes to meat, the leaner the cut, the tougher it cooks and the easier it dries out. As a post-op, I need plenty of protein, and it does need to be lean, but it also needs to be tender and moist or it will get stuck in my pouch. It gets very difficult to keep a very low-fat piece of meat tender and moist! Third, my body composition has ALWAYS been higher in fat than normal. Even after massive amounts of plastic surgery following the bariatric surgery, I carried more fat than is normal. Getting fat to leave my body seems impossible, and you can only limit consumption to a certain degree. This is why Alli is such a godsend. As for the side-effects . . . yeah, they’re gross. When I’ve consumed too much fat, I know it. And it has hit at some very bad times, often when I was just about to leave for work. I’ve had to change clothes more than once. Guess what? I’m NOT COMPLAINING. 9 years ago, a doctor cut me open from groin to sternum and rearranged my insides, and it gave me my life back. It was not easy. It was painful. I had to learn to eat all over again and I got so sick that I was hospitalized for 2 weeks, put on TPN for 2 months, and finally started to be able to eat solid food again 3 months after surgery. My “pouch” is the size of a grape, but it is not meant to hold food, it just acts as a valve to regulate the rate of consumption. If I eat too much too fast, I get stuck and get sick. If I eat the wrong thing, that’s too bulky or too dry, I get stuck and get sick. Because of the bypass, if I eat food that is high in refined sugar (or even too much natural sugar), I get sick. I can even get sick from too much fat.

    Now, with Alli, if I have too much fat, I know what will happen. It’s called aversion therapy, and after awhile, you don’t need to think about it. The IDEA of what that piece of fried chicken will do to you makes you shudder. That’s the POINT! Lately, the only time I have side effects are when I eat something that I THOUGHT was within the guidelines but actually was not. (This might be because I ate out or with friends and had to guesstimate fat content.) I accept consequences and take precautions. If you can’t deal, don’t take Alli.

    After everything I went through (that I would do all over again in a heartbeat), I find it laughable that so many people who seem so “desperate” to lose weight get indignant because a weight loss product WORKS. Alli is designed to block the absorption of some of the fat you consume. The idea is to NOT consume too much, and it will do its job by still blocking part of what you do consume. If you do have too much, it’s going to do its job even BETTER and block ALOT of that fat. And you’ll probably leak (as I call it). Don’t want to leak? Then control your fat intake. When you see that gross orange stuff in the toilet bowl, smile. The stuff that you paid a lot of money for is working, and be glad that it’s there and not in YOUR body. If its working, and you still aren’t losing weight, then it might be that fat isn’t your problem and you may need to troubleshoot.

    I started with Dr. Ricciardi on February 2nd (taking only Phentermine at first) weighing 200 lbs. I began Topomax and Alli near the end of March. I have lost steadily and continuously ever since. At last weigh-in on June 30th, I had lost 40 lbs.

    Now, you may be saying, “that doesn’t mean it’s the Alli . . . what about all the other elements?” My husband has ONLY been taking the phentermine. He started at 336 lbs. He has also lost 40 lbs. However, because he is heavier and male, he should be losing weight much more quickly than me. I cannot say that Alli alone has done it, but to go 5 months without a slowdown of weight loss, and to be only 10 lbs from goal is something that is shocking even to Dr. Ricciardi, and he is a bariatric specialist. I can’t help but think the Alli is playing a significant role.

  3. Kindle Customer

    I started Alli on 11/15/22. Today is 30 days since I began. I have lost 6.2 pounds. Alli is easy to take. I exercised maybe 6 times in the past month. I did notice that I had to drink at least 10+ glasses of water daily. I didn’t always eat low fat meals. I ate the Popeyes Blackened Chicken Sandwich, Hardees Double Cheeseburger, and Panda Express Orange Chicken and Fried Rice. I had maybe 2-3 times of orange, oily discharge. I did eat a few desserts. I survived Thanksgiving by eating less, and only Key Lime Pie for dessert. My stomach is smaller. I do eat under 1500 calories a day. I am now 27 pounds from my goal weight. I will order Alli 1-2 more times. I did have a few stomach aches, and slight nausea. The key is eat less, drink a lot of water, and eat high fat foods sparingly. Exercise helps too. I don’t take Alli if I go out for social events. Alli is not magic, portion control is a must.

  4. Dave

    **Captain Obvious has determined need existing for a Public Service Announcement: Although it should be painfully self-evident that by virtue of this product category and it’s mechanism of action within the large intestinal tract …interpretations of verified purchaser’s anecdotal experience as coincidentally bearing resemblance to off-color humor …(real or imagined) could potentially occur.**

    “I’m not a proctologist …but I DID stay at a Holiday Inn Express.”

    Constipation be gone! Thanks to Alli, I’m good for 2-3 times a day (before noon). But with this existential joy of a perpetually purged pipeline remaining ‘clean as a whistle’ …comes the acceptance of some associated lifestyle modifications.

    Anyone else suffering from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome, constipation predominant) will be likewise, reallocating the household budget …to obtain bulk supplies of toilet paper, deodorant spray, bleach and toilet scrub brushes in institutional-grade quantity.

    The good news is, like myself, you will probably qualify for Amazon’s pallet shipment option, and your local Costco/Sams Club, regularly discounts material handling hydraulic Dollie’s (manual forklift) to business account holders.

    You’ve likely heard that “You spend one-third of your life asleep, in bed”. While that may have been true previously …through the arcane powers of pharmacological voodoo, your bed and toilet (like mine) will have traded places.

    As a matter of fact, since getting ‘Blue pilled’ (introduced to Alli) the bathroom has become THE activity hub of our household. (aka: ‘Grand Central Station’) …in addition to now being my favorite refuge for ‘quality Me time’.

    This ten-fold increase of frequency, urgency and duration of ‘taking care of business’ within my new habitat …prompted some well-justified upgrades: (‘feathering my nest’). Anyone working from home and being a busy stay-at-home father of 4, requires efficiency …so I’m constantly hunting for clever multi-tasking innovations.

    Therefore, installation of dorm-sized refrigerator, food pantry, utensil drawer and dish ware shelf next to the commode was a ‘no-brainer’. That way, everything required for making the kid’s sack lunches is easily within arms-reach …so nothing hinders me from maximizing time.
    (Ingenious, or what …Right?!)

    Of course, you are probably thinking; “I’d make sandwiches for the kids while on the commode too …but I can’t balance the sliced bread on my legs!” Duh! Helllooo McFly, …Why not tuck YOUR folding TV tray behind the toilet tank, as well? (You’re Welcome!)

    A lavishly padded toilet seat, (an Amazon ‘deal-of-the day’ SCOOOORE!) and a small cabinet support my laptop, so I can effortlessly check-in each morning for the office zoom conference…(in fact, you’ve likely determined where this review was written… haven’t you?!)

    Similar to the newly juxtaposed bed & toilet prominence …Alli determined that the coat rack in the foyer, is better served right here …(next to me in the bathroom) and the bay-style picture window, too. Because seconds after the kids scamper by to give their dad a hug, take a selfie and dash off to the bus stop with coat and sack lunch in hand, the relocated bay window, means we can also wave back to each other, as they board the school bus. Master-of-efficiency, eh?! You can borrow that idea, too. (You’re Welcome!)

    Now don’t just take my personally glowing review of Alli for granted …it might not be ‘right’ for everyone…
    How one responds to these questions, determines potential suitability:

    Would wearing ‘Depends’ (adult hygiene undergarment) beneath yoga pants, bathing suit, powerlifting/wrestling singlet or bicycle shorts …induce an irrational sense of self-consciousness?

    Would your sleep cycle be impacted by reduced air circulation and heat build-up from an impermeable vinyl mattress protector?

    Do you daydream of legitimate reasons to avoid or disengage from Jury Duty, in-laws, ‘mandatory fun’ employee team-building events, social obligations or extended office meetings?

    Would your spouse, housekeeper (or docile pets) be repulsed and frightened at the sight of greasy ‘skid marks’ in your drawers?

    Need to dislodge a persistent pet, annoying toddler (or amorously clingy S.O. from seeking refuge against your belly?

    When an impacted large intestine confines you to a life of sleep-deprived, sedentary misery …WHO cares about ‘collateral damages’ of persistent hygiene odor, stained upholstery and packing extra clothes when departing to work: (“Briefcase” takes on a whole new meaning, among the initiated).

    {Personally, I’d guess you’ll also find that the activity of washing away your filth, humiliation and secret shame with each rhythmic stroke of the portable pet stain carpet cleaner …induces a deeply calming, meditative soul-purifying trance.}

    Would Alexa or Siri’s eavesdropping on ‘leakage-related’ cursing, hateful insults or pathetic accusations of abandonment …be concerning to you?

    If NOT, great! …Alli is here to help kick-off the festivities …and get the ‘colonic cleansing party’ started. (“Woot-Woot!”)

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