3-Day Protein Cleanse by Raw Generation® – High Protein Juice Cleanse with Dairy and Soy-Free Protein Smoothies / Gets Results Quickly While…

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  • DELIVERED FROZEN: Orders may arrive before the projected delivery date.
  • WORKOUT WHILE YOU CLEANSE: Three (3) juices and three (3) plant-based protein smoothies per day (3 days = 18 bottles) gives your body the nutrition and protein it needs to workout while cleansing.
  • GET FAST RESULTS: Feel lighter, reduce cravings, target bloating, boost energy, and jumpstart a healthier diet while maintaining your workout routine.
  • GREAT TASTE: Best tasting cold-pressed, 100% raw juice & protein smoothie cleanse on the market. Each flavor is designed to not only taste great, but to give you a wide variety of nutrients and plant-based proteins.
  • START WHEN YOU’RE READY: We flash-freeze our bottles and ship them frozen so that you can enjoy your cleanse when you’re ready. Once thawed, keep refrigerated and consume within 24 hours.

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5.91 x 3.94 x 1.97 inches, 17 Pounds

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June 2, 2016


Raw Generation

8 reviews for 3-Day Protein Cleanse by Raw Generation® – High Protein Juice Cleanse with Dairy and Soy-Free Protein Smoothies / Gets Results Quickly While…

  1. Patrick Yang 1

    customer is great! and i liked the taste. Lost a couple pounds (within the first 48 hours) and i felt lighter!

  2. On Plants and Needles

    I tried these as an alternative to the hassle, noise and cleaning of juicing and blending machines, and I’m glad I did! I also wanted to try to kick-start my new diet by getting back to real and raw foods first. The flavors of each juice and smoothie are really balanced, there’s no one overwhelming taste or excessive sweetness. They leave you feeling full/content because there’s no processed junk or additives thrown in, it’s just real ingredients that your body can absorb and use and recognize, the way real food should be. My box arrived quickly, frozen and well insulated so I was able to thaw and drink what I wanted later that day while freezing the rest until I was ready to use them.
    These were really helpful in weaning me off of the extra salty and overly sweet heavily processed vegan convenience foods without leaving me feeling hungry or undernourished. It makes it easy to get off of the processed foods and reset your palate for real foods again. They are also a good nutrition drink for anyone with a compromised immune system that needs an easy and convenient way to get healthy juice at home but may not have the time or ability to make their own. You get 6 juices/smoothies per day which doesn’t seem like it would be that filling, but as other reviewers have stated, it’s often more than enough even on very active days, that you will have extras or the ability to extend your cleanse. I followed the recommended order of consumption and found it to fit my needs/tastes very well. The Cashew vanilla is a calming and easy way to start the day while still giving some sweetness and satisfaction so that you aren’t thinking about food or your next meal all morning. Beets are a natural energy booster and the Sweet Roots can replace that energy drink before or after a workout and makes for a really refreshing drink on a hot day. The Citrus carrot is really good, too, not too carrot-y tasting or bland and has the perfect amount of citrus sweetness. The Cacao and Peanut butter are enjoyable, delicious snacks/treats that won’t spike your energy or blood sugar. I like the Sweet Greens, I like the balance of fruits and veggies so that the collards and spinnach don’t give off a bitter taste or aftertaste, but because my normal diet outside of the cleanse already includes TONS of greens, it feels a little like overkill on the greens for me.
    The only downside is that Amazon doesn’t offer the variety pack that lets you “Build Your Own Box” where you can choose your own drinks so you can try a wider variety of juices or simply omit juices/smoothies that you aren’t a big fan of.

  3. Shannon B

    Great flavor! Delivered quickly.

  4. Mariah C

    This was my first juice cleanse, and I don’t regret it one bit! I thought I’d be starving but surprisingly never had any cravings to eat. I definitely think the protein smoothies helped vs the only juice kit. Will definitely do again!

  5. pete

    I’m on my third day of this juice cleanse, and have lost 5 lbs and feel energetic. The protein cleanse is best for me, as I’ve been two a day peloton workouts and stayed active. That’s been the primary source of my weight loss. The concern I have is in looking at 4 out of 6 of the juices, they are nothing more that water, sugar, and potassium. So other than taste, I don’t see any health benefit from them. No vitamins to speak of. Next time I’ll save my money and do protein drinks with water, and water drinks mixed with vitamin packets. That being said, if this is the route you go, no headaches or adverse events, and jump started me. I know the weight will likely come back if I go back to old habits, so temporary, unless I continue my active lifestyle and adjust diet. Hope this is helpful.

  6. Lauren

    So I’ve gotten these a few times before but have never actually gone through an entire day without eating because I have crappy willpower, but I bought a 5 day instead of 3 day and I’m finally easing into going without food. These are filling and I haven’t needed any caffeine. Even with eating, I notice I have regular, large bowel movements. I’m not bothered by the sugar amount. I am more so concerned by the freshness of them. You’re supposed to thaw out as needed but I assume they have preservatives in them. Flavors are decent. For me, the juices are better than the protein smoothies. If I had to rank, I would say carrot, beet, greens, vanilla, hemp, and peanut butter. Theyre all doable, but the peanut butter one is a little bit of a struggle for me. For value, a typical day of juicing costs over $60 and this is around $30 a day so it’s pretty good for the price.

  7. melinda lewis

    The protein flavors are the best actually. I’m surprised I made it thru the 3 days. The first was hardest and was feeling little weak but the second and third was better. I actually lost 6 lbs

  8. Dylnel

    I’ve read all about juice cleanses but honestly didn’t buy into the hype. Decided to give it a try with this three day cleanse and the results were awesome. I have been on a diet but seemed to hit a point where it was getting harder to lose weight to reach my goal.

    This was like a system reset. Not only did I lose close to 4lbs in the three days but being back to my normal diet it seems that I am able to continue losing weight and should easily hit my weight goal in a few weeks.

    All the flavors were great but if you are not into ginger then you may not enjoy the carrot citrus but if you like ginger like me it shouldn’t an issue.

    As for delivery, it was fast. Came the next day and was still mostly frozen which was great since I was planning to start the following day. It stated to defrost 24 to 48 hours before use and I assumed that was for each day so I kept 12 in the freezer and 6 in the fridge. As I took one out of the fridge I replaced it with one so it could defrost by the next day.

    To dispel a few myths. I was not constantly going to the bathroom and was able to function normally. Didn’t really experience any hunger issues which shocked me. Definitely expected to feel hungry but didn’t. I did not go to the gym simply because with the juices I was already in the caloric deficit I needed.

    I would definitely use Raw Generation again in the future and highly recommend it for anyone considering trying a juice cleanse.

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